Hardy had a private boudoir portrait session with photographer Maria Moreno Nossa. He arrived at a fancy midtown hotel on a freezing day, looking forward to the warm room. Not! There was no heat and the wind was blowing. But no worries—Hardy was getting used to photo shoots in the freezing cold. Filming for Hightown was in the winter; most of the actors had goosebumps, and the crew were in winter parkas, so when Hardy had to get nearly naked in the hotel room it was not so bad — warmer than the beach! Working with Maria was a lot of fun and educational, especially the way she used light to great effect and did everything herself. She was so natural that Hardy was surprised to find out he was the first male model she had ever worked with for this type of shoot. Maria writes: “So happy we were finally able to meet up earlier this year to do this boudoir look. So great that you are the first man I have ever done a boudoir shoot with… after photographing tons of women. it was refreshing!”