Stay Tuned for Hardy’s New Podcast

Hardy will soon be on the radio/TV. He is working with a number of other professionals to perfect and release a brand new podcast, “The Free and Open Mind.” Hardy is partnering with Tina Tassels as co-host. Tina is also a performer and business expert. In...

The treasures inside Notre Dame

The treasures inside Notre Dame, a repository of European history, included priceless relics, works of art, statuary, paintings, woodwork, and decoration. (Bloomberg)  

What Was Lost in the Notre Dame Fire 1

NPR’s Ailsa Chang speaks with art historian Caroline Bruzelius about the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, which suffered a serious fire earlier this month. (NPR)

A Sketch of New York

Hardy continued his performance art endeavors with three live performances in “A Sketch of New York.” Hardy was asked to be part of one of the sketch teams of 8 performers and appeared in three shows at the Producers’ Club on 44th Street. The other...

Bringing Warhol’s Art to Life

Hardy has been very busy this past month. We had an amazing special event at the Whitney Museum of American Art on the final day of its brilliant exhibition, “Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again.” Hardy was painted in a tribute to Warhol’s art by...