Hardy Brooklyn’s road started with humble beginnings, growing up in the suburbs on Long Island and in Brooklyn. He worked in kosher foods and then built a successful tech company. Driven to always learn new skills, he began event planning on a large-scale festival level and was able to give back by creating a consulting firm. Never satisfied with the status quo and always hearing a higher calling, he took classes in sales training, public speaking and improv to help achieve his goals.

Life would take a dramatic turn on New Year’s Day 2016, when he was asked to model for a body painting event. He has never looked back — or put his clothes back on. He continued modeling for body painters and pushing people’s boundaries, as well as branching out into film acting and modeling for photographers. It wasn’t long before the underground arts, music and fashion scene would get wind of’s goofy and upbeat, optimistic demeanor. Hardy is still pushing boundaries and has ventured into hosting his own events that range from sit-down “edible” dinners and adult lifestyle soirées to avant-garde live art performances.