Hardy has been very busy this past month. We had an amazing special event at the Whitney Museum of American Art on the final day of its brilliant exhibition, “Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again.” Hardy was painted in a tribute to Warhol’s art by artist Marli Rose, assisted by Jean Gazis. Hardy donned a Warhol-esque wig and glasses, while his arms and torso were painted to reflect two iconic Warhol works. We arrived at the museum and were greeted with open arms—or open camera phones. Hardy posed with many museum-goers as well as just posing with the art for the museum and its visitors. An incredible amount of positive energy was created that day!  Hardy/Andy Warhol made the day of many, many folks on the way to the museum, at the museum, and afterwards on the way to Hardy’s next event. We’ll have more photos on hardybrooklyn.com soon.