Welcome to Free & Open Mind Video – or “V” – cast.
When we started talking about doing this show, we certainly didn’t know we’d end up launching it in the middle of the most devastating pandemic in our lifetimes. 
But maybe it’s the perfect time for people like you – and us – to really explore our lives. 
Who are you? 
What is your true passion? 
Are you living the life you really want? 
Do you even know what life you really want to be living?
I’m co-host Hardy Brooklyn and, after a career of being an entrepreneur and a business and technology consultant and entrepreneur, I discovered my creative side. With one foot still in the business world, I’ve transformed myself into a life coach – and unleashed the entertainer in me! – both of which give me tremendous satisfaction.
I’m co-host Michelle Wild – also known as “Miss Michelle” – and I have been an artist since I was a kid. Recently, however, I walked away from my career as a professional photographer to expand my dominatrix work to my full-time career. I’ve lived this lifestyle for many years – and I’m excited to be sharing my stories of recognizing and transitioning to living my true self with you.
We’ve both gone through – are continuing to go through – transformations in our personal, professional, and civic lives. And our purpose for doing the Free & Open Mind v-cast is to share our experiences – past, present, and intentions for the future – with you in the hope you’ll begin exploring your life.
We’ll be talking about business, creativity, and living without reservation. 
About how out-of-the-box thinking and something living has helped us. 
If you’re trying to define or redefine yourself, we hope you will join us.


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